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  • I visited the Memphis Animal Services over the span of two days with my sister who had been visiting the shelter daily as she looked for a pet to adopt after her last beloved dog (furbaby) died last year after enjoying almost two decades in our family. We had got him from the old Memphis Animal Shelter location off Shelby Dr.

    The staff at the new location was friendly and helpful and offered suggestions on which areas to start with when viewing pets available for adoption. What is nice at this location is the cat “Utopia” where you can free-play with some of the cats and kittens if you are interested in cats. There is also a meet and greet area to meet the pet you are wanting to adopt to see how you interact with each other.

    There is a huge number of dogs and cats available for immediate adoption and then there are some that have an upcoming review date. When there is a review date and the pet is not yet ready for adoption, you have to be placed on a waiting list and come back on the review date; this gives the possible owner time enough to claim their dog. Be warned that if you’re placed on a waiting list and are not first that means that the person or people ahead of you will be first-in-line to get the pet. If the person doesn’t show up, you have a greater chance on obtaining the pet. Name calling for waiting lists starts at 12:00PM when the Memphis Animal Services opens. If you’re not there and was first on the list the pet goes to the next person on the list, etc…

    Overall it was a good experience and my sister finally found her a new dog which she brings home today (October 15, 2018) after doing a review date on Friday, October 12th.

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