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Do you pay attention to online reviews? Do they help you make decisions about what local restaurant(s) to eat at, what hotel(s) to stay at or where to buy a new or used car? By adding a review, you are helping others know about the businesses you frequent and you are also helping others discover and find new places to go or not to go.

Share a review and let others know what matters to you!


1. Search the business profile.

Search the business that you are trying to write a review on and, once you have found the business listing, look for the following button:

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Didn’t find the business? You can submit the business here.

2. Write A Review.

When you click the “Write A Review” button, you will be asked to log in. If you do not already have a Memphis Best Guide account you can sign up for free. Once an account is created, you can write a review and include a rating from 1 to 5 stars along with the review.

3. Share it on Social Media.

Once you have written a review, look for the social media icons on the business listing to share a review on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This is a great way to share input on the business online and to make other consumers aware of them!

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