This Memphis Teen Paid Off His College Tuition Selling Newspapers For 5 Years So His Single Mom Wouldn’t Have to Pay

Kevuntez King Memphis Teens Pays Own College Tuition

The inspirational story of 17 year-old Memphis teen Kevuntez King will either leave you with a huge smile on your face or tears in your eyes.

King, when he was just a pre-teen, started working for Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal selling newspapers.

King’s first time out at just 12 years-old selling newspapers earned him $75 but now, the 17 year-old, is averaging $150 to $200 every Sunday.

Kevuntez King has earned himself quite the clientele of regular customers who buy their newspapers from him.

Recently graduating from Craigmont High School, King graduated with an astonishing 4.0 GPA earning him honors while working his weekend job.

Balancing his schoolwork and weekend job, King still found time to somehow play over three sports as well as manage volunteering for school organizations.

The best part of this story about this young male teen is that his hard work paid off because his single mother, who is his biggest supporter, was left without having to worry about his college tuition.

King signed up for Tennessee State University (TSU) for their Summer program to begin his plan to major in Physical Therapy.

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