Memphis Drivers and Four-Way Stops, Please Watch This Video!

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    Who Has The Right Of Way

    If you arrive at a four way stop at the same time and one person is turning left, then the person turning left must yield to the person coming straight across. That being said, some people at a four way stop seem to always want to allow the driver turning left to turn first (thinking it is nice, I guess) and now giving the people (on the other two way cross) the impression that it is their turn to come across leaving the original person (who first gave the turning vehicle the right-away) upset at people BUT they WERE at fault for allowing the vehicle to turn left before them coming across… Lol

    Also another note: In the event of two vehicles arriving at a four way stop at the same time on opposite sides, the vehicle to the right has the right of way. I don’t believe that rule is shown in this video but the above rule and discussion is… 🙂

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